Refresher Courses


Refresher courses are recommended and suitable for a wide range of students. Older driver who lack confidence and perhaps haven’t been driving in recent times (see also separate page for Older Drivers Licensing). Mature age drivers who want to test and upgrade their driving skills.
Any driver who feels they are not driving as well as they feel they should be. As most of us are aware, there are new road rules being introduced all the time so it is important that we keep abreast of these changes. Refresher courses are also ideal for drivers who have been ill and are worried about their driving ability. In some cases Refresher courses can also be instigated by your medical practitioner.
VicRoads may also instruct drivers to do a Refresher course if the driver has been involved in an accident, particularly minor incidents and/or their driving has come to the attention of the Police.



1 ½ Hours (90mins)


All Refresher Lessons are carried out in the Driving School car which has dual controls and drivers will receive a handout covering their lesson.

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