Older Drivers in Victoria


In Victoria there is no set requirement to undergo a driving assessment unless your driving has come to the attention of Police, members of the public or family and friends. You may also have been involved in an accident or driving incident requiring further investigations into your driving ability. You could also be asked to have an assessment by your Doctor.


The assessment is called a Review Driving Test and it is designed to test the safe driving ability of experienced drivers. You will not fail this test due to a “loss of points” however you will fail if your driving is unsafe or illegal.’

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Medical conditions and Driving:


Renewing Licences


Drivers under 75 years of age


A 10 year licence renewal is automatically issued. However, you can request a 3 year renewal to be issued by calling VicRoads on 13 11 71 or visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.


Drivers 75 years of age and over


If you are 75 years of age or more, a maximum licence renewal period of 3 years will be issued to you.


Renewing your Licence:


Older Drivers in NSW


The most important part of the RTA’s role is to ensure that the NSW roads are as safe as possible. Part of that role involves requiring drivers and riders to undergo annual medical and driving tests upon reaching a certain age.

For all licence holders, annual medical reviews are required from 75 years of age. This is to ensure that older drivers are medically fit and are able to drive competently and safely.


For car drivers and motorcycle riders, from the age of 85 a number of licence options exist. Older drivers and riders can opt to have a modified licence or to undertake an assessment every two years from the age of 85 (ie 85, 87, 91 etc.) to hold an unrestricted licence.


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Aim Driving is able to assist Older Drivers with Refresher courses and can also arrange to take the Drivers for their Drive Test if requested. In Victoria Drivers can only do the Review Drive Test in the dual controlled vehicle supplied by VicRoads and not in their own car. They may however elect to take the Review Test in the Driving School car if they prefer. This is particularly advantageous if the Driver has had some Refresher lessons in this vehicle. In NSW Drivers are able to take their own vehicle on the Drive Test provided that it is roadworthy.


Aim Driving strongly recommends that all Refresher courses and subsequent Driving Tests be conducted in the Driving School car as they are fitted with dual controls.


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