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Q What areas do you service?
A. Mildura and surrounding areas including Irymple, Red Cliffs, Merbein, Buronga, Gol Gol and Wentworth.


Q Are you registered for NSW?
A. Yes, Aim Driving is registered in both Vic and NSW.


Q Can you take me for the drive test in Wentworth, NSW?
A. Yes, it will be a 3 hour round trip i.e. 1 hour travelling (½hr up & ½ down), 1 hour practices in Wentworth and 1 hour for the Test.


Q What do most students do? Do they go with the Driving School or on their own?
A. The majority of students do the test in the driving instructor’s car because the driving instructor is able to go with the student on their test (Vic only) andsince they have been practising in the same vehicle they are usually familiar and comfortable with that vehicle. It also means that Mum or Dad doesn’t have to take any time off to take the student to the test.


Q Can I take my own car for the Test?
A. Yes you can however you have to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and for Victoria you must be able to see the speedo from the front passage side seat and there must be a central handbrake.
Driving Instructors cannot accompany students who choose to do the test in their own vehicle.


Q I live out of town (Red Cliffs) so will you pick me up from home?
A. Yes we can pick you up from homebut we lose 40 minutes travelling (20mins up and 20 minutes back) so that only leaves 20 minutes for the actual driving lesson so as you can see it is not an efficient use of time. The best option is to meet in Mildura either at the Plaza or at K-Mart.


Q Do you have female driving instructors?
A. No, Aim Driving is locally owned and operated by John ter Bogt. Having said that please be aware that most of John’s students are females so the best thing to do is book a lesson and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.


Q I have just got my L’s and I have never driven before. What can I expect on my first lesson?
A. All Aim Driving vehicles have dual controls which means the driving instructor can take over or help out in an emergency or a difficult situation.
We always start in a quiet residential area or a car park.


Q I have heard about the Keys2drive program, when is the best time to do the lesson?
A. The K2D lesson is funded by the Federal Government and is designed to make that transition from L’s to P’s safer. A supervising driver must accompany us on the lesson and although there are no stipulations as to when the lesson should be taken the best timeis when the student has logged up between80 and 110 hours.


Q What type of cars do you use?
A. Aim Driving provides late model Toyota Corolla’s in both automatic and manual, and all vehicles are fitted with dual controls.


Q How far in advance do I need to book a lesson?
A. Aim Driving is usually booked out between 7 – 10 days.


Q What qualifications do your instructors have?
A. Aim Driving instructors are highly trained professionals. John is a qualified driving instructor who is registered in Vic and NSW. John is also a member of the Australian Drivers Training Association (Vic). All driving instructors must pass a police check and hold a current Working with Children permit.
John has over 8 years’ experience as a driving instructor and has achieved Gold level accreditation with Key2Drive.


Q What are your payment options?
A. Most students pay with cash at the end of each lesson however EFT (electronic funds transfer) is also available.


Q Do you do double lessons and what are the advantages?
A. Yes, double lessons are great if you live out of town and you are travelling to a different area to practice in special conditions e.g. Traffic lights or heavy traffic etc. They are also an effective use of time when you don’t live local.