Defensive Driving


Defensive driving is a very loose term that has also been called Advanced driving. Nowadays the authorities prefer to call it defensive driving as any other term may encourage irresponsible driving. There is no set criterion to define a defensive driving course and defensive courses differ from one driving school to the next.


Aim Driving’s Defensive Driving course takes about 2 hours to complete and is conducted on public roads. If you are looking for a full day or week-end defensive driving course carried out on private training facilities or on a race track than this course is not for you. Aim Driving believes that because you are likely to have accidents on public roads than you need to practise and train on public roads.

The Aim Driving Defensive Driving course is ideally suited for one on one tuition and is conducted in the driving school car which includes dual controls. Drivers who are suited to this course include everyday drivers who just want to sharpen their driving skills and reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident.


Ideal for drivers who have had near misses and are looking to upgrade their skills. Great for drivers who lack confidence in certain driving conditions. It is also popular with Hoon drivers who have been instructed by the courts to undertake a defensive driving course. All Hoon drivers receive a certificate of competency on completion of the Defensive Driving course to present to the courts.


2 Hours (120mins)


Includes competency certificate

This course is available with a gift voucher and makes an ideal present for parents and grandparents to give to their children or grandchildren.

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